In the 2016 summer the UofT CECA Student Chapter had received news that they were one of the finalist teams for the 2016 Green Energy Challenge (GEC) presented by Electri International. Only being in the competition for two years the team was very excited to compete at the finals level of the GEC as well as get the opportunity to interact with industry professionals at the NECA convention.

The 2016 GEC challenge focused on an energy retrofit (focusing on lighting systems and renewable energy) for a local school facility. The UofT CECA chapter paired with University of Toronto Schools for their project. After several site visits, energy and lighting takeoffs, feasibility analysis, and Revit modelling – the team put together a retrofit solution that would reduce the building’s lighting loads by 60% with a payback period of only 5.3 years.

The 2016 NECA convention was held in Boston, MA on October 7th – 10th. Six of the team members were selected to attend the conference and present the UofT team’s proposal for the GEC. The team had a fantastic time in Boston and secured third place in the competition.

The team looks forward to next year’s competition and is aiming to take first place!


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