Less than one year after returning from the NECA Convention in San Francisco with a 2nd place certificate and $750 cheque from the 2015 Green Energy Challenge Poster Competition, and the satisfaction of a very respectable 4th place finish in the full challenge, the Northern Lights Solutions team is back at it again with the 2016 Green Energy Challenge, with the goal of improving on last year’s results.

This year, the theme for the Challenge is called “Eco-School Business Development”. Teams are challenged to design an energy upgrade for a school facility (K-12) in their community that will include the design of a small-scale PV system that will serve as a teaching and learning tool for students. An emphasis will be placed on detailed technical solutions for proposed systems, including lighting retrofit and integrated window treatments/controls, detailed design of 4-5kW PV system based on system specifications, and the re-design of an energy efficiency upgrade to a facility that responds to the unique needs of the building and climate. Teams will be expected to develop efforts to support the engagement of teachers and students in the building and in energy and sustainability education.

The Northern Lights Solutions team is very excited to be working with University of Toronto Schools (UTS) for the Challenge. UTS is a university preparatory school, grades 7 through 12, affiliated with the University of Toronto. Located on U of T’s St. George Campus, UTS offers high-achieving students a specialized curriculum and a unique co-educational learning environment that encourages creative interests and physical activity as well as a sense of social responsibility.

More information about UTS can be found at their website, http://www.utschools.ca/

Much progress has already been made on the 2016 challenge thus far; the team recently submitted the Pre-Proposal document, which outlined the existing conditions of the building and potential retrofits that can be made to improve its energy efficiency.

Stay tuned for more progress updates throughout the remainder of the project!


Pictured above: University of Toronto Schools exterior view from Bloor Street, Toronto


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